Complete Collage Collection for Lightroom

Complete Collage Collection for Lightroom – NOW AVAILABLE!!


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10 on 10 | November

10 on 10 | November

Autumn in our new state has been interesting. Every now and again it’s cool or rainy but overall, especially coming from the midwest, it still feels like the tail end of summer to us. That means much of this fall for my boys has been spent barefoot and shirtless, running in the backyard. This particular day they found an old spool of kite string and decided it was just what they needed to make their very own spider web!

Make sure to head over and see what Janet of Janet Crouch Photography has this month and follow around full circle!
DSC_8627-2 DSC_8628 DSC_8643 DSC_8644 DSC_8645 DSC_8635 DSC_8642 DSC_8640 DSC_8648 DSC_8637 DSC_8649 DSC_8651 DSC_8652

A Walk in Beauty // week 5

A Walk in Beauty: week 5

The day we walk in costume and I don’t realize till I upload the photos what a crew we must look like.

DSC_8858 DSC_8859 DSC_8860 DSC_8862 DSC_8863

The day you took your ipod to take photos in the backyard.DSC_8868 DSC_8869 DSC_8870 DSC_8871 DSC_8872

The gray and foggy morning we all walked you to the bus.DSC_8873 DSC_8874 DSC_8879

The day you “helped” daddy rake (shovel) the leaves in the yard.DSC_8883 DSC_8885 DSC_8886 DSC_8888 DSC_8888-2

The day daddy saw I was struggling for some creativity and sat for my photos and corralled a few of you to come sit too. DSC_8892 DSC_8897 DSC_8909 DSC_8911 DSC_8912 DSC_8915 DSC_8917 DSC_8921 DSC_8926 DSC_8927 DSC_8935 DSC_8936 DSC_8942 DSC_8943 DSC_8948-2 DSC_8949-2 DSC_8954 DSC_8960-2 DSC_8961 DSC_8963-2 DSC_8964-2 DSC_8969-2 DSC_8969-3

A Walk in Beauty // week 4

A Walk in Beauty: week 4

The day you watched for daddy, tried to run out in your unders to check if he was coming up the road yet and wanted the dog to join you.

DSC_8669 DSC_8676 DSC_8680 DSC_8681 DSC_8682 DSC_8684 DSC_8685 DSC_8687

The day I walked by and saw you and daddy being silly together.DSC_8689

The day you just didn’t want to wear pants, at all.DSC_8690

The day I watched you while you listened to your music and played your game.DSC_8695 DSC_8696 DSC_8697

The day we played ‘Simon Says’ and you thought it was the best game ever.DSC_8702 DSC_8705 DSC_8711 DSC_8713 DSC_8717 DSC_8730 DSC_8733 DSC_8735 DSC_8745 DSC_8747 DSC_8748 DSC_8750

The day I realized that in the south you can have bare feet in the fall.DSC_8722 DSC_8724

The day we did tattoos, pancakes, and had a dance party all before 10am.
DSC_8762 DSC_8765 DSC_8776-2 DSC_8784 DSC_8784-2 DSC_8805 DSC_8806 DSC_8810 DSC_8812

The day you and daddy coaxed me out of the house and to the park. You of course dressed as Star Child. We played and watched the geese until it was time to get your brothers.DSC_8824-2 DSC_8826-2 DSC_8828-2 DSC_8833-2 DSC_8843

The day we went to your teacher conference with you and your brother dressed as KISS band members. Your teacher had nothing but great things to say about you.DSC_8855

A Walk in Beauty // week 3

A Walk in Beauty: week 3

The day you ran in the sun and tried to make your own spider webs out of kite string.

DSC_8652 DSC_8651 DSC_8649 DSC_8648 DSC_8645 DSC_8644 DSC_8643 DSC_8642 DSC_8640 DSC_8637 DSC_8635 DSC_8628 DSC_8627-2

The day we had breakfast for dinner.DSC_8625 DSC_8624

The day you reminded me of the quiet beauty all around us as I was rushing around and you stopped and said ‘mom, look at this beautiful light.’ and I asked if it was okay if I took your picture in it.

DSC_8617 DSC_8615 DSC_8613

The day we noticed the leaves really starting to collect in our yard so we came to play in themDSC_8612 DSC_8610 DSC_8605 DSC_8604 DSC_8602 DSC_8601 DSC_8597 DSC_8591 DSC_8589 DSC_8587 DSC_8585 DSC_8583 DSC_8581 DSC_8579


The day we ate whip cream from the can and had a dance party.

DSC_8568 DSC_8561 DSC_8558 DSC_8547 DSC_8544 DSC_8539 DSC_8535 DSC_8517 DSC_8516 DSC_8507 DSC_8501 DSC_8488 DSC_8487-2 DSC_8485 DSC_8481 DSC_8479 DSC_8477 DSC_8475

The day I took photos of flowers in the backyard just because.

DSC_8663-2 DSC_8663 DSC_8662 DSC_8660 DSC_8659 DSC_8658 DSC_8657 DSC_8656

A Walk in Beauty // week 2

A Walk in Beauty: week 2

The day you asked to have a haircut like your brothers and I watched all those baby curls fall to the floor.

DSC_8444 DSC_8438-2 DSC_8438 DSC_8436 DSC_8429-2 DSC_8429 DSC_8427-2 DSC_8427 DSC_8426 DSC_8419-2 DSC_8419

The day where all I needed was a little more liquid love to get going.

DSC_8416 DSC_8409

The day you walked out the door before me and gasped at how beautiful the sky was. 
DSC_8402 DSC_8401 DSC_8399

The days that are slow moving and loungy.
DSC_8397 DSC_8395

The days we pretend your bedroom is the sewer and we are ninja turtles and call Splinter on the phone to see if we should pick up a pizza and some nunchucks.DSC_8369-2 DSC_8368 DSC_8366-2 DSC_8364-2 DSC_8351 DSC_8350 DSC_8347 DSC_8345 DSC_8343 DSC_8338 DSC_8336 DSC_8329 DSC_8327 DSC_8326 DSC_8325 DSC_8324 DSC_8323

A Walk in Beauty // week 1

My 365 project with a new name and a new mindframe. I need to be reminded of the joy that surrounds me everyday even when life does not feel like it is on my side.

It is my choice to walk in beauty and to see beauty and joy. I’m not numbering my days anymore and so it’s not a challenge to take a photo everyday but rather a reminder to find the reason to smile everyday.

A walk in beauty: week 1

Days spent in the backyard. Daddy chasing you boys around and around the house. Boys taunting me to join in. Watching you fly your helicopter around in the streams of light coming through the trees. Watching your curls bounce and dance with each move you make.

DSC_8304 DSC_8302 DSC_8301 DSC_8296 DSC_8294 DSC_8291 DSC_8290 DSC_8286 DSC_8285 DSC_8279 DSC_8274 DSC_8271 DSC_8270 DSC_8267 DSC_8264 DSC_8263 DSC_8254 DSC_8251 DSC_8249 DSC_8242 DSC_8241 DSC_8239 DSC_8227 DSC_8223

The days that are just not complete without a full costume

DSC_8222 DSC_8220 DSC_8219 DSC_8218

The days of evening walks through one of our favorite parks.

DSC_8203 DSC_8198

The days when you ask for a blanket and we know there is no stopping the nap that will keep you up way to late in the end.

DSC_8174 DSC_8173

The days when you eat apple after apple after apple.

DSC_8170 DSC_8167 DSC_8165 DSC_8160

The days when it’s the best fun to play in the breeze of the fan.


The days when the kitchen becomes a minefield of playdough.