And Then We Snapped| Days 59 – 65


Make sure to head over to see Kari of Kari Ganske Photography beautiful week next!

Day 59: Every year you get older it gets a little harder to get you in my daily photos. So this day I made sure to catch you on your way to school.


Day 60: I am not a morning person. I wish I was, but having two of my guys that still get up so much during the night pretty much ensures that I’m not. Yet those same two little boys very much are morning people, crack of dawn morning people. This day I heard one of them come into our bedroom and I cringed, I needed just another hour or even 5 minutes for that matter. Then I opened my eyes and saw that amazing light. That’s a good case for getting up early,


Day 62: His friends. Sheepy and Howl.
He is five now, and has toted these guys around four of those years. They are so worn; Sheepy has been sown back up a few times now. Every now and again he adds a new friend to the mix for a week or even a month, but it always comes back to these two…there used to be a Cow before Howl came, but he threw up on him and there was no getting him clean. It’s a story he likes to tell. He likes to ask where he got Sheepy and Howl even though he knows the story of each; he listens like a proud parent and grins ear-to-ear. I find myself as attached to these two as he is. They tell the story of his childhood. They tell the story of how very nurturing my rough and tumble boy is


Day 63: I walked into your room and asked if I could take your photo. I told you I needed to so people didn’t start to think I sold you for gas money since you don’t make as many appearances in my daily photos anymore. You didn’t think I was that funny, but you flopped on your bed halfheartedly to appease me. This wasn’t what I had in mind, but oh that beautiful light. Maybe you know me well enough that it was your plan all along so you could get back to your game. This is all I needed. Portrait of my boy at twelve.


Day 64: It’s so funny to me how content you are just to sit in the driveway for hours playing and watching the neighborhood. You don’t need a lot of bells and whistles, just a few Imaginext guys this day. Your dad and I were talking about you just having your own pace about you and your dad summed it up perfectly. You just have an easiness about you.


Day 65: Every now and again we have to mix up our everyday. What better way to do that than to pitch a tent in the living room! Blankets and snacks and it’s a full day of fun.


Day 66: It’s ridiculous but I don’t take these shots more often because the worry of how I will look trumps the memory.
Then I realized, when I look at photos of my mom and I when I was younger it had never even once occurred to me that she might not like her hair in that photo. Or that she doesn’t think it’s a flattering photo of her. All I see is me and my mom; and I am so very thankful to have that tangible memory of us printed.
I want my boys to have this.
So with my messy hair and no make-up I grabbed a shot that means so much to me. I want my boys to remember that I wasn’t always behind the camera. I want them to remember that sometimes we would stop whatever we were doing, turn the music up, and dance around the kitchen and laugh.



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